What Are the Best Shorts for Women?

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It’s that dazzling summer vibe when our wardrobe changes drastically and we are ready to flaunt our crop tops, sandals and, above all, shorts. Whether they are in their denim, cotton or flamenco versions, we can’t stop wearing this garment regardless of whether we are in the city or on the beach. As its time to sport our shorts, it is logical to know what is the type of shorts that are in trend for women. You can buy women shorts USA online right here!


We love the Old Fashioned

This season lets nail the old school look with a high waist, vertical stripes or black shorts that favor any body type. Nowadays, as you may have noticed, even the celebrities on the red carpet dare to wear a pair of shorts combined with a blouse and an elegant blazer.

High cut shorts with elastic fit and drawstring at the waist are ideal for activities such as yoga, Pilates or dance. Wear printed shorts to make you feel happy all day. Combine this delicate model with unicolor flannels and platform sandals to achieve a bohemian and casual look.


Red is hot and chic!

First of all, we want you to know that the red hot shorts are not only perfect for the summer season but also for other seasons of the year. In fall or winter, you can use it combined with stockings. Wear these shorts to the beach, to a walk around the city, to go to the office, or to go to summer parties, etc. You can buy red lace shorts, satin, denim, printed cotton and what not to look chic. Wear to the beach, to the market or in the gym. If you combine them with platform sandals and a printed blouse you will achieve a casual style to go out with your friends. We love how Olivia Palermo pools her shorts so that she does not look shorter.


Are the shorts appropriate for all body types?

Shorts are suitable for self-confident girls and for all who know how to carry them. They are also ideal for girls with long legs, for those with a balanced silhouette. Make sure not to combine them with booties because they tend to shorten the legs. If you're worried about your hips, the boot, or the upper part of your legs, then you should wear somewhat longer or quarter shorts to divert attention to another area of the body. The versatility of this garment gives everything.

How to wear shorts appropriately?

The shorter the pants, the flatter the shoe can be. If your legs are short, use high-heeled shoes and high waist shorts to give more length to the legs. If you do not like to wear short pants, do not worry, because there are options for you such as Bermuda shorts, pirate cut shorts, Capri pants and fisher pants.

The variations are perfect to wear in the summer or winter with socks of the same color. There are many colors and striking tones to create both swanky and simple looks. Shorts are an ideal match with wedges, flat shoes, sandals, etc. You can wear this look to take a walk in the afternoon or to go out at night. The chicer, the better!

Do not hesitate to take a look at our selection and get the ones that best suit your body type. Now you can start bragging about them!


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