January 29, 2019

In spring and summer, women love to walk around in shorts. They are our best allies to face the high temperatures and are perfect to wear with day and night outfits. Which model suits you best? Or with what type do you dare? Lately, women have fallen in love with the versatility of running shorts.

We always worry about how our body will look when we wear bare legs, but unlike skirts, shorts accentuate our figure much more than hiding it. We love how women nowadays have taken these running shorts to gym or yoga, and even in the dance classes. There are six kinds of women’s elastic waist shorts for you to choose the one you like best.


Basic Boxer short

The more original, the better! In the basic running shorts, you look cool and comfortable. They are cute to wear around town or when you are up for adventure sports. Looser than the rest of the models, they tend to be sporty. But, you can also find these women’s elastic waist shorts in satin for an evening stroll.

These shorts offer supreme comfort. And of course, there are the basics of colors and fabrics to fall for. The pincers are the chicest, denim is the most common but with monkey details and crochet- you get the bohemian touch.

Mom Shorts

Our mothers wore them, but fashions always come back. This time lets strike it with our mom shorts for a run? You can go for prints or laces to create a curving effect on your body. With the silhouette of the 90s, this design of shorts is of the high draft, and generally, denim fabric comes loaded with vintage airs.

Skirt pants

If there is a comfortable garment par excellence, this is the skirt short — designs that are made-up skirts because they have a mini-trouser underneath. These running shorts are more flattering because they make the leg longer and thinner than regular shorts. And a significant advantage, if you raise your skirt, there is no problem.

Daisy Duke

For lovers of the 80s fashion fad, the Daisy Duke shorts are your shorts. Models that you can find are high or hip, but always with fabric, tight, and therefore very sexy — no doubt, only suitable for the most daring fashionistas out there. The perfect style is to get it adjusted from the waist and a little loose of the hip.

Bermuda shorts

It is the most classic model and also the most underrated one. For young girls, they are boring, but at a certain age when you can no longer wear shorts, they become the pledge of summer.

A perfect running short above the knee promises a feminine flair. Test in solid colors or prints. Focus more on the shape of the shorts than on their design. Another secret is to wear shorts that reach mid-thigh to conceal the upper part of your legs; they look fantastic.


High-shot shorts

The high waist has returned to our life and our wardrobe. With a retro look, high-rise shorts are super stylish with a shirt inside or with a crop top that does not need to be very short. So would you dare to wear these shorts? We bet you will feel fresh and frenzy.