December 14, 2018

Those who are in the world of fashion or textile business, we must be creating new ideas to be able to translate into our products and thus be able to compete in our market. It is also always necessary to renew designs and innovate in order to be competitive. We see a lot of people who start the fashion game (business without seriousness) and jump in without preambles.

Often the result tends to be demotivating. If you are a designer or an entrepreneur who is in the world of fashion and you are particularly looking forward to starting an online T-shirt business, we are sure this guide will help you make your life easier.

Start an online T-Shirt Business with a vision!

One of the best ways is creating an ideal show. If you do not have it in a professional way-ask yourself: What should my catalog contain? How much should I invest in it? The worth? First of all, we have to confess that it is not so simple. It is an investment of time, labor and capital that initially does not generate profits.

Tips for Starting a T-shirt Business:

  1. Research

Make sure you are very well informed about the T-shirt and textiles market. As long as you have useful information, you will know. And knowledge generates trust. We cannot start without a plan, and that plan starts with a market research.

  1. Create a Plan.

Before you start, you must have a clear idea of your T-shirt business. There are many points to analyze such as: what kind of shirts you are going to offer, white or color, men, women, kids, what market will you start (fashion, sports, brand, etc.), what will your brand and logo be? etc. You should also think about a plan for your marketing strategy, clarifying what methods you will use for your sales campaign. It is also imperative to create a "Business Plan".

  1. Plan ahead

 After we have our information on the product or products that we are going to launch, it is very likely that we already have the necessary elements that were within our budgets such as machinery, human factor and inventory. From here, we have to create a plan both to develop our business and to market our products.

  1. The competition

One of the things that please us the most is going out to look at the shops and designs of the competition periodically. It's one of the most important things to have a vision. You must always be alert about your game. This will help you not only to know how important they are for your clients but also gives you a clearer idea of your goals.

  1. Create Products That You Like.

Sometimes this statement looks simple, but when you are trying to grow every day, it is not so easy. This point is linked to the previous one. After looking at the competition, we must also talk to our customers. They help a lot to know where the market trend is going.

The internet is a fundamental part in the subject of what we like since we can see through forums, virtual magazines, fashion agencies, news and fashion websites where the tastes and interests of the market go. Also depending on the size of your T-shirt business, you can make a collection of samples for your clients.

  1. Know Your Accounting And Financial Part.

Generating a stable and profitable business is fundamental. You must have your budget and explicit periodic accounting management. Have costs incurred: such as purchase, stamping or printing, labeling, brand, stationery, transportation, etc. Do not be fooled or surprised by similar products that you will find daily and that may have lower costs.

Keep in mind that the budget that is needed to undertake the vast majority of projects is not just the initial one. We must also think about the start-up and the time necessary for our business to generate profits. The idea is to have or look for alternatives that at a given moment can help us with loans or merchandise credits.

  1. Do Not Offer What Is Not Profitable For You.

On many occasions, we see our eagerness to get clients, and in that, we create samples that we have not analyzed in depth. Topics such as production times by volume, the price of inputs and production or not having the right equipment, become a nightmare when we accept some sample for a printing service or a sale of T-shirts by volume.

If we have the excellent opportunity to have a prospective potential client in front of us, how would we do to be in their shoes and think what they want?


The best response is to show not only what we sell but also to have samples that are as exclusive as possible and that exceed the competition. One possibility is in the variety of prints, models and coolers (the best!).

  1. Samples Are Not Everything

It is also ideal to be well presented (as a professional that is!), And act at the level of negotiation. We must bear in mind that "our client" is the one who buys us and not us who give him the opportunity.

  1. Display your show in a Portfolio, Folder or catalogue.

Although sometimes we wear finished garments, it is very professional to have your "Portfolio or Catalogue" with the logo and brand of your company included and with the best samples. If you offer free samples for a customer, it is ideal to have an overprint that says: sample or advertising sample. This way the client sees with admiration because if you decide to do business, you have to respect your brand first!

  1. Take advantage of your samples and create your site in the Cloud.

It is true! Nowadays we only move on social networks, but they are not ours! It is ideal to have our website to be able to offer people looking for our clothes or services! Nowadays it is almost obligatory to have an "individual" Internet presence.

  1. Establish Objectives

How many clients do you want to get this year? How many shirts do you plan to sell? What areas do you expect to reach? There are many more objectives. You must know which ones are the ones that serve you the most and help you in your plan to start a T-shirt Business.

  1. Never Give Up Always Enjoy What You Do.

If you are not disciplined, it is challenging for you to achieve your goals. Things like: search x customers per week, create catalogues and renew them continuously, set a sales volume, meet a schedule (even if it's your home), set an example to your employees, etc.- is what is going to help your business grow.

Almost every business when it starts has to make an effort to penetrate the market. It is not a matter of days. Generally, a company reaches its equilibrium point between one and two years.

This does not mean that it is a universal rule. Depending on your project and your market niche and including a great effort on your part, it is very likely that you can arrive in less time. Many people despair and do not enjoy what they do. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do because it is the only way to be creative and to be motivated.


Owners who think positively are much more likely to succeed than those who hesitate when starting any business. This advice is useful for any activity you wish to undertake in life.  We hope these tips are helpful to launch a successful Online T-Shirt Company.