December 11, 2018

10 Best Ways to Choose Shorts for Your Body

Fashion can be a great ally or your worst enemy, so it is essential to choose what works best with you. In the case of shorts, you have to be especially careful, as they leave the legs exposed. It is not necessary to have them toned and thin to wear shorts, but there are specific details of our body when choosing the model.

As a general rule, keep in mind that your shorts should stay fair and tailored but not too tight. For example, the knee-length shorts can be worn by all. However, women of petite or short stature have to be careful wearing somewhat shorter shorts. Don’t let fashion police catch you!

The perfect shorts according to your body:

  1. Oval shape

This type of body is known to have an oval shape as its name says. Avoid fleeing shorts that hold any kind of crease or clip on the waist adding more volume to your body. Opt for simple shorts and dark colors. We prefer to opt for hip shorts. Keep in mind that you do not stay too tight on the thighs. This look visually stylizes your figure.

  1. Pear Shape

This type of body also called as the triangle is because here the hips are much more prominent or broad with their shoulders. In summary, your hips and thighs are much more extensive than the rest of your body.

The ideal shorts for your body type are those that are completely smooth, that is, without any trimmings and so on, since with this your hips attract all the attention regarding colors, lean towards neutral, dark and even colorful tones, but not too strident. Ditch the printed shorts. Pick solid colors. The length must be concerning your height. Women shorts best suit this silhouette.

  1. Strawberry Shape

Usually, this type of body is characterized by having the lower part of the body much thinner concerning the upper one. In summary, your shoulders are wider about the part of the hips. The idea is, and this can be highlighted by choosing shorts with ornaments and embellishments either in the pattern, in pockets to the sides, closures or ties. This visually gives you a little volume.

The ideal shorts for you are those that bend or have a hem on the bottom of the cuff. It simply helps you give dimension or volume to your legs and achieve a balance about the upper part.

  1. Hourglass Shape

This body is proportional to the hips and shoulders. Having a small waist and the rest of the body with fully balanced proportions is ideal for shorts that have ties to tie around your waist. Regarding colors and designs, it is a free choice, make sure that the shorts are not a straight cut.

We don’t want you to hide your curves. If you like shorts with pockets or perfect ornaments, make sure to be proportional to your body. You can wear high-shooting shorts to show off your body and leave everyone with their mouths open.

  1. Rectangular shape

This type of body is where the top and bottom are practically the same. The idea for this is to add curves "visually". Wear shorts that contain pleats, ornaments, pockets on the sides. It is preferable to opt for bright colors.

Remember any gives volume visually. Say no to too-wide shorts, since these make you look without curves.  For this type of body, there is not much problem in choosing the kind of shorts since the measurements of the body are in proportion, and you can practically use the design that you like. Shorts that have flights, prints or laces are ideal.

  1. Apple Shape

Do not worry if your legs are wide and tummy is big.  Opt for shorts that are not so wide but not so fitted. It works as a sash! This cut hides the belly and makes it look more stylized. Test in solid colors or prints. Focus more on the shape of the shorts than on their design. Another secret is to wear women knee length shorts to conceal the upper part of your legs.





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