December 05, 2018

Online tshirt company

Generally, a man has more t-shirts than any other piece in his wardrobe. This statement says a lot about its importance and justifies the fact that the t-shirt is a style statement. The choice is as big as the variation in our cabinets. A t-shirt is an ensemble that is reintroduced regularly than any other clothing.

The Perfect T-shirt

The perfect T-shirt should fall perfectly. The seam of its sleeves comes right on top of the shoulder. Its slim fit emphasizes the pectoral muscles but is not very tight. It is long enough to cover the belt without hiding the buttocks. It is simple and can contrast to different outfits having modest details. This kind of a T-shirt distinguishes it from others. This t-shirt which we have portrayed here is the perfect t-shirt. To tell the truth, the reality is quite different, because there are many ways to wear and share this perfect t-shirt. Let’s look at the must-have variations to buy shirts online in the USA.

Round neck or V-neck

Beyond preferences regarding aesthetics and comfort, the type of collar of a t-shirt is chosen primarily according to its morphology, especially concerning the circumference of your neck. Thus, if you have a rather short neck, a V-neck will lengthen it visually. Same goes for the scalloped round neck. However, make sure that the collar is not oversized. A collar that is too tight will make you feel stuck, and a collar that is too wide will look like a reality TV flirty. When in doubt, know that it's hard to go wrong with a round-neck t-shirt. It's a basic!

The Graphic T-Shirt

A graphic t-shirt, as its name suggests, has a print. It is sometimes (too) big, sometimes minimalist. We may opt for sober graphics or just little flashy. These prints are carried well during the day as in the evening.  Unlike a plain one, the graphic t-shirt lends itself more to casual, rock, even street look. In recent years, the trend has centered around the message t-shirt.

The All-Over T-Shirt

In recent years, a new t-shirt style introduced called All-over. While often graphics are affixed, these shirts are printed on the entire fabric. You can find patterned t-shirts with its horizontal stripes. The brands now offer visual t-shirts with all kinds of photos and images. If we can consider that one is flashier than the other, we can tag these t-shirts in the category: partygoers.

Materials play the role

Apart from the exception of creative madness, there are usually only four materials that make up the t-shirts we wear: cotton, polyester, silk and viscose. Most of the time, a t-shirt is of 100% cotton and what makes the difference from one model to another is the quality of the cotton used. Cotton is the most widely used natural material in the world.

It is moderately warm, resistant, easy to maintain and soft. There are also models on the market that include a small percentage of polyester, a material that gives a different feel to the final fabric and promotes a better shelf life. Finally, silk is used, but given the high cost of this material, it is often replaced by its synthetic counterpart: viscose.

Distinguish the Quality

In addition to the characteristics inherent to the cut or the shape of a t-shirt which are only subjective, one can note some crucial points before and after purchase to determine its level of quality.

The first thing to do is obviously to touch it. Is the fabric thin or thick? Soft or rough? How is the graphics printed on the t-shirt? Are the seams straight and do not curl the fabric? Where is it made? With what fabric? Of course, all these questions should be examined on a case-by-case basis to give precise answers.