December 20, 2018

Trends change every season, but some jewelry styles are adaptable forever! We are in love with the subtle and chic trends that follow you in every season. We see the most stylish bloggers and fashionistas are using a pattern that we love! It is layering delicate necklaces for a subtle style that is enviable. They combine several delicate chains in different lengths achieving a look full of sparkle, feminine and a little sexy. Here we show you the trend and how to recreate it with our favorite lounge necklaces.

Fashionistas in the USA know how to wear an accessory correctly, so here we leave you with inspiring ideas to include them in your repertoire! Looking for ideas to wear the personalized necklace for women in the USA? Keep scrolling!

  1. Mix Metals For a Fresh Look

Do not be afraid to mix metals! This trick helps to mix necklaces that have a similar thickness. You can combine several delicate chains of either gold or silver and then finish with a pair of solid metal necklaces.

  1. Use Delicate Necklaces For Layering

You can use as many delicate necklaces as you want. You can put them about 2 centimeters away, so you are creating subtle layers that have a lovely result.

  1. Long Layers Looks Stunning.

The layers have no limits when it comes to mixing delicate necklaces. Try combining a long chain with an article on its end, with another short with fringes. These mixtures of textures and lengths give extra appeal to your outfit but always with a casual look and without much effort.

Choker In the Most Casual Style

    The return to the 90s is getting stronger, and one of the trends that come back to stay is undoubtedly the choker necklace. The choker always makes you look spontaneous and hip.

    Whether you like punk touches or you are ultra-glamorous and feminine, there is still a choker that adapts to your personality. You choose! Check the material and the design of the choker; the most important thing is that it fits perfectly to your neck and you stay tight.

    1. Chunky Layer Necklace to Customize Your Look.

    Let your accessories speak for themselves. If you have a bold style, complement your look with a printed bomber. If you like minimalist looks, wear your layer necklace with a strapless dress (i.e. strapless). From chunky and striking, to delicate and small- layering necklace options are endless.

    1. Chic & Subtle Necklaces.

    This season opt for subtle necklaces or choker cuts with a remarkable detail like a dangling object, your zodiac symbol, cute characters or so. If you want to give a more striking touch to your look, you can stack several together.


    1. Balance The Layers Perfectly.

    If you're going to wear loose hair, opt for a delicate necklace, simple styles look better with textured hair. In the same way, if you want to wear a more ornate type of accessory, with pearls or diamonds, you can make room for a unique collection. Balancing layers of your chains give an entirely different visual effect to your look and also favors your neck. Whether you have a long neck or a short one, balance it, and you will look great.

    This season, get away from the conventional and give a different touch to your look!