January 29, 2019


Are you looking for an ultra-fancy spring-summer look this season? How about picking your simple t-shirt and transforming it into something chic and amazing? If you think t-shirts are minimal or boring, catch up the latest trends hitting this year 2019. Trying to flaunt a classy look yet nothing seems to work, wait- we have new ways to combine that shirt and make it look super sassy. 


Over time, women's shirts were changing in the history of fashion. A garment that you wear as a formal look, straight and strict is more definitely classified as male, however, as women, our wardrobe cannot be boring, and speaking of t-shirts- you can look elegant and fun with some original and incredible details.

It always happens that at first glance a t-shirt with a different and innovative cut, put on the mannequin, does not convince you at all. It is better to give it a shot and realize that it is your style without taking any chance. Just follow our ten secrets to buy designer t-shirts online with which you can create more than one look.


  1. The First Thing You Should Value Is The Material

When a statement shirt crosses your path remember to always keep an eye on this: the fabric matters. Is it a resistant fabric? Does it look beautiful or cheap?

  1. Bows, Frills, Fringes, and Crazy Details are the Trend

Sure you've seen most of your favorite bloggers using one of the white shirts with ruffles, trims, fringes and what not? Direct your search to that path.

  1. T-Shirts with Daring Cuts Look Better In a Solid Color

Dark colors are always striking! Blouses with a single sleeve, bows at the back or ties at the front will give a new look to your usual look.

  1. Look Great with Discrete Patterns

How about a t-shirt with check pattern or a patch? If the fabric has small motifs, such as thin lines or small squares, bows, frills, and crazy details make your shirt look better.

  1. Now or Never: Learn To Beat Yourself!

Create an imaginary line that goes from your buttons to the shot of your pants. Start from the center of your belly button down and towards the hips, never from the outside inwards. If you are looking for a more casual look, even if you are wearing a t-shirt, you can avoid wrapping the sides. Do the test and get a semi-formal style, but quite chic.

  1. Try half-bound

Basic black and white t-shirts are one of the most versatile items that your closet can have. Turn a simple shirt around by rolling up its sleeves and wrapping only one side of it.

  1. Consider the color trend

This way you will know the type of colors that all the girls are looking for, just like you. You may buy a shirt in the same tone as many others! On the contrary, do not overload your appearance with more than one detail protagonist in your shirt.


  1. Respect Your Style and Be True To Your Instincts

If you feel that the color, cut or pattern is not going to your style and personality, discard the idea. It's about that you wear a garment safely and if something does not make you feel comfortable from the beginning, rest assured that it will not work. Instead, go for the cuts, prints, and colors that, in advance, you know that look incredible in you.